VR-NATURA is a Complete Natural Super Antioxidants Family Health drink, with a very unique combination of 54 Ingredients such as 17 Types of Berries Extracts, 25 Types of Herbal Extracts and 12 Types Fruits & Vegetables Extracts

A Healthy Human Body Requires 5000 ORAC Units Daily. VR NATURA is Equivalent to 3.5 KGs of Fresh Fruits, Preferable Multi-Coloured. It Quite Amazing that Merely 60ml of VR NATURA with its ORAC score being 7000, gives you the better Health


  • VR NATURA is Rich in Alkaline & Antioxidants
  • Helps to Maintain better pH Level in body
  • Daily Consumption helps in Detoxification
  • Scavenges for free Radicals & Protect cells
  • Restores Antioxidant & Fight against Cellular Mutation
  • Helps to Reduce the risk of Cancer
  • Helps to Relives from Inflammation
  • Helps to Fights against virus, bacteria, fungus & parasites infections
  • Helps to boost metabolism and build better immune system
  • Strengthens the Eye Vision
  • Strengthens the Heart Functions
  • Strengthens the Mental Clarity
  • Helps Anemic to increase Hb count
  • Inhibits platelet Aggregation


  • Helps to Fight against Asthma & Strengthen the Lungs
  • Helps to Fight against Diabetes
  • Helps to manage high & Low Blood Pressure
  • Helps to Maintain healthy Liver
  • Helps to Stabilizes proper cholesterol
  • Support Thyroid disorder
  • Keeps Kidney Healthy support
  • Helps body to absorb calcium & strengthen the bone
  • Helps to fight against varicose vain
  • Helps to Strengthens prostate
  • Helps to strengthens uterus & prevents PCOD & PCOS
  • Helps to Fight against Arthritis & Rheumatism
  • Helps to support healthy digestive system